Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Herb garden update

As you can see the herb garden is doing well in some areas and pretty terrible in others. On the positive side the birds are now happy that I cleaned the black gunk out of the bird bath and filled it with water for them to splash in again.

Outcomes as of mid August:

Mint and Basil - excellent, multiple crops, still going strong
Coriander and Parsley - now dead but provided good crops earlier in the summer
Sage and Rosemary - were both doing well until attacked by unknown (but different) bugs and now totally destroyed. Underlying root system seem to be intact so they may well grow again. See the photos above for the results of the bug attacks.
Oregano and Thyme - were both doing well and now invaded by caterpillar webs. Both still alive and growing but half of each plant is unusable
I am goign to try to find out what to do about the bugs. Any suggestions?

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Teresa and John said...

Take small pieces to the garden center in sealed bags and they should help you as cannot tell from here.