Monday, 1 June 2009

Baby Shower II

This was another jam packed weekend. We started Saturday with a 4 hour parenting seminar at church. Saturday afternoon we split up and I headed over to Erica's house for a baby shower with all the ladies from church. Andrew took Lucy home for a sleep which was so lengthy they missed the Westras baptism at the beach. However we all met up at the Whites for a bbq dinner afterwards.

The baby shower was lots of fun even if we did play the nappy sniffing game and it was fun to hang out with everyone and eat lots of food. The ladies put in money to get me a giftcard from Target and each person wrote me a letter of parenting advice and encouragement for my baby book.

Sunday saw us back at church and then we spent the afternoon in the backyard with Andrew inching forward on the pizza oven completion. Unfortunately it is now starting to get hot that after getting along so nicely so far, my ankles have swelled up due to the humidity. Oh well, I'll just have to put my feet up and watch some more tennis on the TV!

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Lisa said...

you look so great Fiona!! sit back and enjoy the tennis!!