Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Trader Joes

Alexis and I headed up to Raleigh yesterday to visit an awesome grocery store called Trader Joes. Andrew and I have visited this store in Boston and Washington DC so I was really looking forward to getting back there for supplies - and this time I had one massive esky (cooler) with me! We spent an hour in the store looking through the Trader Joe branded products and reading the labels (not many had corn syrup though some did so we needed to check). Trader Joes is famous for its pre-prepared foods so I got some of those too. Some of the more interesting things I purchased included stevia poweder, aloe vera in a can, snap pea crisps and mandarin orange chicken.

After grocery shopping it was over to The Cheesecake factory for lunch (chicken and cashew salad followed by a banana cream cheesecake slice) and then a wander around the mall. The main shop we spent time in was
Janie and Jack's and I got the most awesome Santorini shirt! Then we met Farmer Bob for our semi-annual purchase of organic lamb and we were back on the I40 west heading home.

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