Monday, 15 June 2009

Weekend fun

The weekend started off with a water slide party next door to celebrate the end of the school year. Lucy had a fantastic time sliding into the water with her Dad and then eating hot dogs and ice cream.

Saturday morning we were at the hospital for Kangaroo Kapers, a class for big sisters! Lucy was very excited all week to be attending but was so shy in the class she refused to even hold the dolls/babies. She had told me all week that she wanted to change the baby's 'stinky diapers' but when it came down to it there were too many people there for her to be comfortable. She did however learn the important rule of 'ask mum' before doing anything with the baby and we got to see a couple of real newborns including Jackson!

In between all the activities Andrew did some stonework on the the pizza oven chimney, I made a pavlova for a church dinner and Lucy got to play with Ava (after much pleading). The pizza oven is now famous at church after all the men went home and raved about their pizzas.

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