Monday, 29 June 2009

Weekend commitments

We started avoiding commitments from last Thursday so we only tentatively said yes to two events this weekend.

Saturday night we went to a cookout at the Gutches. Lucy had fun swimming, eating mac and cheese and getting bitten by mozzies whilst we caught up with some old friends. Then there was a huge thunderstorm at 7pm to break up the party. [It feels weird to be saying 'old' friends but given how life has panned out it is an accurate statement]

Sunday morning at church was the conclusion of the week long adventure of Vacation Bible School. Due to shyness Lucy refused to participate in this closing event (the skits freaked her out) but she enjoyed her week so much that she wants VBS to happen every week.

Sunday afternoon we went to Seth's 3rd birthday party, themed around Spiderman. Lucy freaked out when Spiderman actually turned up but she enjoyed the spiderman cake and goodies. I nearly melted in the heat but have survived to write this post after much ice and fanning! Lucy was very much into the water pistols and Thomas the tank engine playset.

Andrew, with a little help from Lucy did a small amount of tiling on the pizza oven. Note the merchandising on them both!

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