Monday, 8 June 2009

Pizza Parties!!!

After our traditional Saturday pancake breakfast Andrew and Lucy headed to the hardware store for the monthly craft project and some shopping.

Saturday night we invited the Westras and the Mahlows over for a pizza dinner. Because it was a farewell dinner for the Westras it was a little sad but it was great to be able to have them over especially as Gary had helped to do a little building work on the pizza oven. Lucy had a ball playing with 'Miss Katy' and Grammy Lou and was very sad when it got dark. She made herself a cheese and olive pizza which she enjoyed very much and we all followed it up with a summer berry pie with whipped cream. I love summer!!! Gary & Mary were celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary so they got to share the last piece of pie!

On Sunday at the last minute we agreed to host another pizza party, this time for the men's ministry at church. Most of the men turned up without any toppings but somehow we managed to throw a whole lot of stuff together and they had a good time (I think! Lucy and I were inside of course!) And one gentleman even brought me some flowers and ice cream as a thank you for hosting! It is so nice to be able to be back having parties again. Having said that the pizza oven is still not quite finished cosmetically so even though we have another pizza party planned for next week I need to make sure the work gets finished! So much for having a big launch party! It seems Andrew has managed to get several parties planned by stealth.

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dr maya vale said...

Great to see what y'all are up to. I tell people about your pizza ovens all the time!
Also great to see pics of the family. How long until the new baby is due?
Looking forward to being on the same side of the world as you in a few weeks!
- Adam