Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Adventures in Balmain

When you go traveling you expect strange and sometimes scary things to happen.  Our memorable event was a morning trip to Balmain.

Our plans were to visit Sucre for a hit of liquid chocolate, run around the park and then go to Brioche, a gluten free cafe for lunch.  Nothing too stressful before the big day of Lynda's wedding.

All started well.  We had a great parking spot, we were sipping hot chocolate and we found some fun play equipment at Gladstone park.

Lucy jumped up for the swinging flying fox, lost her grip and fell down.  She hit the back of her head on the metal platform.  It looked bad as it was happening. 

Andrew cuddled her and whilst touching the large bump showed me that his hand was covered in blood.  (I feel sick just writing this!)

So we gathered everyone up and started heading out of the park to the car, not sure what we were going to do.  At the edge of the park I saw a cross road sign that I thought meant hospital.  So we heading a little way down the street and sure enough there was Balmain hospital complete with emergency department.

Lucy and I checked in whilst Andrew took the little ones to get lunch.  We were seen fairly quickly.  As the nurse and I looked at Lucy enormous bump and blood I started to feel strange.

As we walked Lucy through to be glued up I fainted.  When Andrew came back with lunch he found me lying on a hospital bed with Lucy holding my hand.

Once I was ok Lucy was taken to another bed and her head cleaned up.  The doctor pronounced that she would be all fine to be a flowergirl the next day as long as the hairdresser didn't brush the back of her head!

So we headed home a little shaken up.  But now I know that in my little girl is very strong and brave and able to comfort her mama in times of need!

On the way home we took a wrong turn and caught this great view of the city from Balmain.  It is one of only a few photos we took that day and a reminder of that day when God provided a hospital in just the right place!

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