Thursday, 27 September 2012

Taronga Zoo

Another of the must do things in Sydney is to visit Taronga Zoo. Although it would have been easier to drive there, it is almost compulsory to catch the train and ferry.  The ferry is a beautiful ride across the harbour and once there you take the SkySafari cable car up to the entrance of the zoo. On a clear blue winter day, or in fact most days of the year, it is a wonderful boat ride.


We ate a picnic lunch at the zoo.  The highlight being a very aggressive kookaburra who swooped so close to my face I felt his feathers as he tried to steal my sandwich from my hand. He did steal a sandwich from a boy next to us and gave him a nip on his hand.

We saw lots of poisonous snakes (in cages!), patted a blue tongue lizard and visited the sleeping koalas. In the afternoon we watched the seal show, saw the fairy penguins and then headed home.


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