Friday, 14 September 2012

Henry's birthday - breakfast and dinner

We tried to keep Henry's birthday low key ie not the extravaganzas that Felicity and Lucy enjoyed this year.  So we told everyone not to do anything special.  But Miss Jackie knew us a little better than that and she decorated the breakfast table for Henry so beautifully.  

With a green theme, there were co-ordinating plates, cups and straws with balloons in the middle.  The girls had made place cards and place mats the day before during their crafting session. And there was a delicious gf chocolate cake with 3 green candles.

We enjoyed a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs before heading off to the aquarium.  Henry also received some fun Australian presents to take home.

Henry's birthday dinner was hosted at Nanna & Grandpa's house.  Grandma & Grandad and all the aunties and uncles (apart from Auntie Kat) were there to celebrate.  Henry had requested lamb for dinner and chocolate pudding for dessert.  And he was not disappointed! He received lots of (small!) presents and lots of love. There were gf chocolate cupcakes shaped into a 3 for his birthday cake but his main focus was still the pudding which is his favourite dessert.

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