Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Labor Day Long weekend

We had a lovely long weekend despite the frequent thunder storms.  Henry resorted to a 'thunder hat' to keep him safe from danger.We set up the tent in the backyard, cooked s'mores and ate wood-fired pizza in between downpours.

The tent was not well used with only Andrew and Lucy sleeping in there 1 night out of 3.  

On Monday we enjoyed some impromptu mud puddle jumping through all the storm water. Don't you just love the look of joy on Flissy's face as she runs through the water!

Lucy located plenty of cicada shells and collected them in a (lamb jam) jar to take to school to show her classmates.

And now this week, for the first time since May we are back to our normal busy routine. It's kind of crazy to stop everything in the middle of the year for 5 months but there you have it.  School has started, one preschool has started, the second preschool starts, bible study starts and mom's group continues. And of course work continues for Andrew.  Labor Day marks the end of summer but really its going to be hot here for a lot longer.  We went to the Splash Pad today just to prove it.

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