Friday, 7 September 2012

Sydney: Arrival

Aren't arrivals the best? 

Remember the beginning (and the ending for that matter) of Love Actually that takes place at the arrivals lounge at Heathrow?  Apart from the soundtrack we experienced all that love in Sydney.

This arrival was a very fun one.  After enduring the travel and getting off the plane, time went very fast.  Our bags arrived, our passports were checked and we were diverted past the customs lines and suddenly we were at the exit doors ready to see everyone. We were expecting a really long wait in customs so I wasn't ready yet! It was an exciting moment for us (well for Andrew and I) as we made our way out.

And even though it was 6:30am we had quite a fan club

Henry's first reaction was to burst into tears.  But thankfully Grandma had bought some helium balloons for the kids.  So when Henry stopped crying and asked for his Elmo balloon I knew everything was all ok again.  Lucy was esctatic with her Hello Kitty balloon.

We picked up our rent-a-car/bus and headed home with the M family.


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