Thursday, 13 September 2012

Henry's birthday party at Symbio Wildlife Park

During the early planning stages of our trip to Australia I asked Henry what he most wanted to do while he was there.  He replied 'pat a koala'.  

So my brain started whirring and the end result was a 3rd birthday party at Symbio Wildlife Park.

And as part of the party package he got to pat a koala named Banjo.

He also got to pat a whole lot of other animals including a baby alligator (Rambo), a ring tailed possum and another possum (Cleo and Blossom), and a snake called Feather.

Sugar High Cakes made the awesome shark cake (fitting in with yesterday's theme).  Unfortunately I had made Henry a koala cake for his first birthday so we had to go with something different for his third.  Miss Channah even put an NC licence plate in the mouth of the shark!

After the party we headed over to the tiger enclosure to see them eat their lunch and then we wandered around the zoo.  The highlight was getting up close to kangaroos and being able to hand feed them.

Henry had a very fun time! I hope he will remember this fun day for a long time. Thank you to all our Australian friends and family for attending.

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