Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Home made tshirts

One of the little projects I've been wanting to do is to use my Silhouette to create some tshirts.  First up was to make transfers and paint on some designs.

Lucy has an attempted tie dyed tshirt from school that she wears ALL THE TIME.  It isn't very nice and even when I hide in on the bottom of the pile of tshirts she just digs through and finds it.

So that tshirt was the first one to undergo a transformation:

I painted some circles on the front and overlaid a hibiscus design.  On the back we painted 'aloha'.  The result is a much improved tshirt that I am happy for her to wear that also doubles as a Hawaiian tshirt.

I also made a kangaroo tshirt with an Australian map on the sleeve for Lucy, a 'sweet baby' shirt for Felicity and an elephant shirt for Henry.

Let's see how long the paint lasts. I noticed that sweet baby was not doing so well after 2 washes.

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