Friday, 28 September 2012

Grand Final Weekend

It's only 15 hours until the start of the AFL grand final for 2012.

And oh how I wish I was in Melbourne right now as my beloved team Hawthorn is playing in the grand final (the equivalent of the Super Bowl final!)

I have been thinking back to the 2008 grand final when I was in Boston. What a wonderful day it was watching the game on the big screen at Tommy Doyles Pub in Harvard. 

It was great to be with fellow Hawk and various AFL supporters.  And it was a great consolation to go to a home baseball game the next day and hear the roar of the crowd.

This year I am in Wilmington NC.  I will be on my lonesome in front of the computer watching the game.  Given it starts after midnight I may not watch it live but save it for early Saturday.

Thus my phone, facebook, twitter etc will be OFF.  Do not try to contact me to tell me the result!

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dr maya vale said...

I was thinking of you all the way through the match! I wanted to call or txt but just couldn't get my head around the time difference (usually no too much of a hassle for me) - for what it's worth, I think yez wuz robbed!